My name is Corinne Shoop and I am seeking a
Michigan Democratic Party Nomination for Michigan State University Trustee.


It is said that there will be an event that will inspire you to participate in the political process; for me it is the crisis that is taking place at my school, Michigan State University.

I love my school; I graduated in 1981 and then went to University of Detroit School of Law. I graduated law school and passed the Michigan Bar exam in 1985.

In addition to my passion for MSU, I am equally passionate about gender issues and equality. I have been a plaintiff in a law suit against a Michigan municipality for an unlawful arrest and strip search; I have testified in front of the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission against a Wayne County Circuit Court judge due to inappropriate conduct and as a young lawyer I challenged my employers for equal pay and against sexual harassment.


I have over 30 years experience in civil litigation. When I am not in the courtroom, I am negotiating settlements and solving problems on behalf on my clients. In these 30 years I have also represented men accused of sexual misconduct. As such, I am very familiar with both sides of the gender issues currently plaguing my school.

I also have 20 years experience in the class room. I was an adjunct instructor for 20 years at Henry Ford College. I was there when the part time instructors joined the American Federation of Teachers. I attended organizational meetings and advocated for union membership.

I know that I am qualified to represent my party on the Michigan State University Board of Trustees. I know that I have the strength and ability to advocate for the principles and ideas that separate our party from other political organizations.

As a Michigan Democratic Party nominee for Michigan State University Board of Trustees, I will advocate for every voice of our party and for policies that will create a safe and nurturing environment that allows every student to fall in love with Michigan State University as I did.


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